Performance Field Trip Hacks to Success

show choirThinking of arranging a field trip for your performing arts class? Whether choir, dance, theater, or any other performing arts group, follow these three simple suggestions, for not only a great trip, but also one to be remembered!

  1. K.I.T. (Keep In Touch) – Create a steady line of communication with your students (and parents) at all times with text alerts. You can text the itinerary, reminders, links, directions, schedule; anything you can think of within your group. If parents are subscribed, this will also give them a sense of comfort to know exactly what’s going on at all times.
  2. Save Your Energy – One of the exciting things about performing arts tours are the extracurricular activities you get to do aside from the performances. As you build your itinerary, make sure while attending various workshops leading up to the performance, you keep your schedule light, but still engaging. Your student performers should be at their prime for the performance. At Center Stage, we can help arrange the perfect itinerary for an optimal performance. Check out this amazing Australia/ New Zealand Performance Tour! You can say we have mastered the art of planning, and really know how to go out with a bang!
  3. Create Lasting Memories – Designate a site where your students can upload pictures and videos of the performance, and other memorable moments during the trip. Whether dedicating a Facebook event page, using Snapfish or using another service like some of the ones listed here, creating an online album is just what you need to kick off your next performance tour fundraiser! Seeing the students having a great time while in an educational environment will make your job easier in the future when it comes to funding your next performance tour.

By following these three simple hacks, you’ve created the perfect foundation for a successful beginning, middle and end. Start your trip with great communication, maintain the optimal environment for a successful performance, and use your resources to start building a portfolio of images and videos that can be used to promote your next Center Stage performance tour.

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